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Thread: Recovered Bullet Database thread

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    Recovered Bullet Database thread

    Thought it might be of value if we had a real world photo archive of recovered bullets from live targets

    Target species:
    Bullet Make/Type:
    Bullet Weight:
    Est. MV:
    Point of Impact:
    Retained Weight: gr/ %age

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    Target species: Red Stag
    Calibre: .270
    Bullet Type: Hornady interlock
    Original Bullet Weight: 130gr
    Range; 40yds
    Est. MV: 3000fps
    Point of Impact: Chest
    Retained Weight: 77.6gr/ 60%

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    Will redo later, can't get the photo up


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    Federal Barnes triple shock x bullet
    2800ish fps

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    Target species:Roe
    Bullet Make/Type: Winchester Powerpoint
    Bullet Weight:150g
    Est. MV:2800
    Point of Impact: Ribs, along spine then top of shoulder.
    Retained Weight: gr/ %age 83%Click image for larger version. 

Name:	006.jpg 
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ID:	48216

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC07447.jpg 
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Size:	278.6 KB 
ID:	48229

    Target species:Rabbit
    Bullet Make/Type: CCI Segmented Hollowpoint subsonic
    Bullet Weight:40g
    Est. MV:1050fps
    Point of Impact: Shoulder. One segment recovered from base of skull, one from opposite shoulder blade and one from diaphragm.

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    Very interesting thread.

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    Here are two bullets I recovered from two Reindeer stag: The bullet on the left is Nosler Accubond .308 (180gr.) and on the right Nosler BT .270 (130 gr.)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kúlur úr törfum.jpg 
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ID:	48235

    Target species: Reindeer stag
    Calibre: .300wm
    Bullet Make/Type: Accubond
    Bullet Weight: 180 gr.
    Range; 125 metres
    Est. MV: 2950
    Point of Impact: frontal neck shot (bullet recovered between the shoulder blades)
    Retained Weight: 117 gr. (65%)

    Target species: Reindeer stag
    Calibre: .270win
    Bullet Make/Type: Nosler BT
    Bullet Weight: 130gr.
    Range; 150 metres
    Est. MV: 3000
    Point of Impact: Ribs/broadside shot
    Retained Weight: 52gr. (40%)
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    Target species: Fallow
    Calibre: 6.5x55
    Bullet Make/Type: Hornady Interlock SP
    Bullet Weight:140gr
    Range; 80m
    Est. MV: 2800 ish
    Point of Impact: Behind shoulder/ Broadside
    Retained Weight: gr/ %age 45gr 32%

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1150.jpg 
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ID:	48237

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    Target species: Red Stag
    Calibre: 300wm
    Bullet Make/Type: Hornady
    Bullet Weight: 208gr
    Range; 130yds
    Est. MV:2850
    Point of Impact: chest (under skin opposite side)
    Retained Weight: 104gr/ 50%

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