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Thread: Forearm protector?

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    Forearm protector?

    Does anyone have any bright ideas for a forearm protector for use when walking with a shotgun please?

    When I have winter coat and jumper on it is not a problem but I went for a long walk at the weekend with the (not too heavy side-by-side) shotgun wearing a lightweight jacket and my forearm is bruised to buggery and still hurts (I am on warfarin which doesn't help).

    I don't care what it looks like - in fact a 6" length of 3" - 4" nb pipe lagging would probably do the job but I just wondered if someone had a better idea?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I put a sling on my walking gun.

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    when was fishing commercially we used to use cut off forearms of wetsuits neoprene and wear them to stop getting sraped by barnacles on the inside of inkwell crabpots like the greaves worn by aincent greeks Spartans and such you can buy comercialy made neoprene ones from cosalt or possibly agricultural outlets they are good for getting stopped from getting scuffed up arms

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    I wonder if a light weight, neoprene arm guard which cricketers use would be of any use to you.

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    what about the forearm protectors archers use i cant remember what there called but ive seen robin hood style lace up leather ones which cover the whole forearm which im guessing would be best for you

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    We use these when foot trimming. Not expensive and go from wrist to mid-forearm.

    Wrist protectors - Hoofcare Supplies

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    An archers arm guard may work. They come in traditional leather, Neoprene, and plastic.
    The modern ones have a stiff rib in them, which will flex and bend a little bit; the leather is thick and stiff enough to protect you.

    Google "archery forearm guard" and you will see them by Bohning, Ashley, Bear, Browning, etc.
    They come in different lengths, too.
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    Some excellent replies.

    Much appreciated and I will check out the various options.

    Many thanks.
    Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it, hump it or learn from it then piss on it and walk away.

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    Neoprene forearm guard that rugby plays can wear sounds like the wet suit would be very similar.

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    When caving I use thin neoprene cuffs about 7 or eight inches long to help keep the water out of my caving suit they are for divers originally and not expensive. Try ebay caving or diving shop. Is your inr ok as a second thought.

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