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Thread: Wanted: forest of Bowland Sika stag

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    Wanted: forest of Bowland Sika stag

    Does anyone have any contacts for guided sika stalking in the Forest of Bowland. A canadian friend of mine has just had a disastrous trip to Argyle in search of a good sika stag. He didnt see a sika let alone shoot one. He is due to go back to Canada next week but is staying with a friend near Lancaster until then and is desparate to shoot a good sika.
    If anyone can help or has any contacts, could you please PM me.
    Thanks in anticipation, Pip.

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    There are plenty of Bowland stalkers on here.

    The ground I manage precludes taking guests on I'm afraid.

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    I knew a keeper from stafford who had an outing on sika there he shot a pricket and a gold medal. I believe the chap who arranged it was forestry commission I'll try get details

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    Not much help I know but this came from Forest of Bowland last week, my first Sika !
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    You could try via the FC head office at Grizedale. All the Rangers are top chaps !

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I have had one very kind member PM me. Hopefully we can get something sorted.

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    A quick update chaps. My Canadian friend may be able to offer a swap hunt for either black bear or Whitetail deer if anyone can get him a sika stag before next Monday.

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    Good luck to your Canadian pal, our Bowland sika in Gisburn Forest have the dubious title of recording the most number of man hours per beast grassed of any area in the FC!

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    there is a lot of people using gisburn forest though nowadays Nick
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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