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Thread: Face veils

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    Face veils

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether you need to wear a face veil while stalking? i cant seem to get on with them, they either end up in my eyes or covered in snot when its cold. are there any alternatives, ( i stopped wearing cam cream many years ago) thanks.

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    Sounds like you need a 'Quick Cammo' hat mate!

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    I can't offer much insight other than to say that I was salking sika recently and was taking a sit down on a lump of heather in a forest ride, complete with my camo head net etc. My eye caught some movement and next thing I know there is a wee head bobbing about in nearby vegetation, it looked like a young hind. She was only a few yards from me and all I could see was the head and the top of the neck. I knew that if I moved at all it would be gone so there was no chance of a shot. I sat on and eventually the head popped up about 10 yards from me and peered at me, I could clearly see there was some thinking going on but down it went and started feeding again. Once every few seconds the head would appear and take a good look at me. After maybe 5 minutes of this something must have clicked in her head and the head came up for a good long look and the front hoof went up and then she moved towards me as sika will sometimes do with something they don't understand. At the same time the wind swirled in the ride and I felt it hit the back of my head and, of course, up went the nose and with a yelp she was gone.

    I'm pretty convinced that without the headnet she would have been wise to me at the first glance plus I'm a baldy and with the sun reflecting off my head every deer within miles knows I'm about without my head net. So, I think they help and maybe give you a bit of an advantage when you might otherwise have been spotted.

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    Don't rekon you'd be disadvantaged by not wearing a veil, i have never worn one and can get pretty close to roes no prob,i wear a camo beany hat and that covers my forhead,sometimes wear a camy balaclava for pidgeons but that can be a bit irritating.

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    I know your feeling, even worse when you wear specks. I resorted to making a half veil out of a length of ordinary skrim and it is attached with some elastic with velcro fastners. This then just sits on the bridge of my nose. Indespensible when I was air rifle/rim fire shooting and I still use it now. Quick/easy and cheap to make and does the job.


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    Have been stalking for long enough now, and never found the need for a face veil; similarly only a very small handfuls of mates have ever worn then either. Always seems to me that you look more ready to do a Post Office than go stalking once you got one on....

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    Ive been stalking and pigeon shooting for years and have never felt the need to look like a bride in Hiding.

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    When I bought my Sportchief cammo jacket it included a cammo baseball cap with a face veil tucked up inside the top. when I drop down the veil it tickled my nose, got snotty and was a pest until I sewed a small strip of velcro to the rim of the cap and to the veil.

    This simple addition has transformed the cap into a comfortable, wearable item that I would not be without now on a stalk.


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    Always wear one, especially when fowling.
    Like Caorach I had a similar experience while in a release pen shooting squirrels with an air rifle, sat with my back against a tree, Buck and Doe come into the pen, Buck starts feeding around the Pheasant feeder, and the Doe wanders down the track and and ends up no more than 5 or 6 yds away looks at me for a good minute, decides I'm no danger (no suprises there then, ) and wanders back to the Buck.
    Without the Face veil they both would of been gone as soon as they came in the pen.


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    It's a condition on my ticket, I must have a veil in place when in posession of firearms!
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