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Thread: ‎21st Century Lowland Autumns a Confused Mess

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    ‎21st Century Lowland Autumns a Confused Mess

    Even allowing for the Old Codger factor can I seriously be alone in my frustration when attempting to 'call' this Season for an optimum in-the-woods Fall experience??

    Seems to me if I'm not fretting about a storm taking out far too much leaf before enthused with anything approaching an acid tint let alone that more readily associated with the season of mellow fruitfulness in all but the permanently diseased-burnt chestnut , I find myself stalking squirrel with perspiration streaming from beneath my hat rather than an invigorating frost nipping at my Cabela's turkey hunter sneaker-shod toes.

    Off to batten down the hatches and climb into my time machine with controls set for 1969.

    Rant over

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