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    My mate used his pickup yesterday to block off a roe doe with a lurcher hanging off of it, one shoulder ripped about, dog was covered in blood,this is right on my patch which links with his, think its a local dog not a gypsies dog, owner nowhere to be seen,itbmaybe a working dog but maybe a pet milky doe, not sure how fawns will do.

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    Hope when you say block you meant ran over A ** holes

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    Good chance the young will manage. I have seen early winter fatalities and then watched the young carry on OK.

    Did he recover the dog ? Iwould hope he wouldn`t run it over as some advise. You have to remember it`s not the dog that's the issue.

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    I realise dog isnt to blame, its natural for it to chase them whether the owner put it up to it or not.

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