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Thread: New member from Sweden

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    New member from Sweden

    Hi there!
    Im a new member of this forum and decided to register because I somtimes have found interesting discussions and information here concerning e.g. technical issues about hunting equipment, guns, optics, handloading and shooting.

    I live in the south part of Sweden, are about "middle age" and have a great interest of hunting since about 20 years ago. The most common game i hunt is rowdear, moose, wildboar, hare, fox and fallow deer. I use mainly break-open guns (single shot rifle, double rifle and combination gun) in the calibres 7x65R and 6,5x55 SE but also use a lever gun in 45-70 Govt. in some situations. But of course I also own a couple of shotguns in 12 and 16 gauge.

    Im far from an expert, but feel free to ask me about hand loading in the mentioned rifle calibres with Norma powders and bullets from Norma, as well as questions about swedish shotguns and rifles from the manufacturer "Husqvarna". I also have some knowledge about the german brand Merkel. Im a member in a swedish hunting/shooting internet forum and might also forward questions to this site.

    Finally, my english is not perfect - I hope youll understand me but also correct me if my spelling or grammar is wrong (I appreciate that!)



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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