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Thread: Sako 85 Black Bear

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    Sako 85 Black Bear

    I'm sending in for a 30-06 variation and i'm thinking to purchase the above rifle.
    Anyone got one? Any pros/cons ?

    Many thanks!

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    Just bear in mind there is a 6-8 month wait as they are special order.



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    Its nice looking rifle pro's its a sako nuff said , cons- no mod and fixed barrel sling ring , but hay iam being fussy if it fits your use's then at 7 lbs then if scoped tad more ,but if you wanted a scope you won't have gone for a fixed sighted rifle so why not have one.

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    I have the Hunter Laminated Stainless in 30-06. It is a lovely handling rifle, very easy on the eye and pleasant to shoot. I chose this model because I wanted to use a mod and a low mag scope (Zeiss Victory 1.5-6x42). My use is primarily boar and moose, but it's a nice setup for general stalking too. The rifle shoots well beyond Sako's quoted accuracy guarantee with Norma, RWS and Winchester Elite.

    It seems to me that the Black Bear model is aimed at quite a niche. What kind of use are you going to put the rifle to?



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    Thanks for the input!

    I intend to use it for deer in uk and boar abroad.

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    I have a Sako 85 Black Bear in .308. Terrific rifle and extremely accurate. Mine averages .5 MOA.

    I would seriously suggest you consider the .308 or .338 Federal in preference to the 30/06. Reasons why? The barrel is 20" so you're gaining very little over the .308 in performance. Muzzle blast is unpleasant in a 30/06 with a 20" barrel. Action is longer than the .308 version. However, more importantly, there have been issues with the longer 85 actions causing the spent cartridge to eject upwards, hitting the bottom of the scope and sometimes landing back in the action. The shorter .308 action doesn't suffer from this problem. The .308 or .338 Federal will easily handle any game in the UK or Europe.

    Every BB I've seen has the barrel touching the stock on the sides for some distance. The barrel is supposed to be free floating. I lightly sanded my BB barrel channel so the barrel was indeed free floating and the groups shrunk from 1" down to under 0.5" at 100 metres.

    Hot barrels.

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    I am, i spoke with the seller already. I need to sell my .270 first...

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    The Black Bear has a heavier profile barrel than normal. However, it is fluted and balances nicely for off-hand shooting. I like the barrel band as it enables the rifle to be slung quite low. I originally scoped the rifle with a Swarovski Z6 1.7-10x42 scope in Optilock ring mounts. I now have mounted a Leupold VX-2 2-7x33 in low Leupold rings. All up weight with scope and sling is 7lb 5oz.

    I thought about suppressing the rifle but decided against it as the balance and handling are perfect for me as is. The rifle is used for bush stalking and shots out to around 350m max. Currently using Hornady 150gr SST, 45gr AR2206H, Federal 210 for 2,800 fps.

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    I've got one in 9.2x62, surprisingly light not far off the finlight in weight, comes to the shoulder beautifully and open sights are very effective, love the trigger, love the mag capacity, 5+1, I have a VX6 1-6 firedot on mine in QR Leopold mounts, overall it would probably be the last rifle I would sell, and that's saying something.

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