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Thread: Stalking Question

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    Stalking Question

    I was asked by this person if I would take him stalking. I am not a prude but thought I might be better dinging this one. Am i being homophobic what would you do.?

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    At least he's taken the trouble to match his shirt to his hair colour, lol

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    are you sure it was just deer stalking he was after

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    only for the wig and the shirt it could have been any of us, atb doug,

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    never mind the wig, its the way hes standing thats worrying!!

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    I can't imagine anyone's sexual preferences having any bearing on whether I'd go stalking with them or not....


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    you probably won't want to ask him about the "queer seat " on his old patch then !
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    Stalking deer,

    or, stalking, dear.


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    That's the last time I use regain 6p fekin strong stuff.
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    I think you'll be ok 6pointer he'd never find it under that belly think he's had four or five to many deserts at Gap 180. ��

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