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  • I won't see anything as they'll be couched up out of the wind, and I should have watched telly!!

    11 42.31%
  • I'll see deer, but won't be able to keep steady enough to shoot, or I'll miss!! Again!!

    5 19.23%
  • My supreme stalking skill will get me onto something and I'll bag at least a squirrel!!

    10 38.46%
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Thread: Fun poll - How will Stratts do stalking later in this wind?

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    Fun poll - How will Stratts do stalking later in this wind?

    Okay to lighten things up a bit, I've got my gear in the car ready to go out stalking after work and I'm wondering as I sit in the cabin rocking side to side, whether I'm going to be wasting my time.

    So, what do you think will happen? I'll report back either later on or tmoro,

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    If you go out wearing your sombrero and bat-wing sleeved top, you're knackered......send us a text from Norway when you land.
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    I hope your onesie is windproof mate or you'll be chilly if nowt else!
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    I was out stalking this morning with a heavy wind and seen plenty of Deer out, this was also after a heavy rain fall from the previous evening. Anyway, upshot from this mornings outing is one hanging right now. Get yourself will never know unless you try.
    Best of luck.

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    Take an'll be handy if you fancy a change of location quickly.

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I am sure you will get out and do make the most of your time just sit it out and chill !!!

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    Use the roaring wind to your advantage and get out there, in close and with a single stick let one have it in the neck at 25 yards.


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    be sure to id your quarry ,im sure mary poppins just went past the bedroom window

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    Gawd luv us! He looks like 'mary bloomin poppins' !!!

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