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Thread: Cheaper alternitve rifle bag to: Aim ?

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    Cheaper alternitve rifle bag to: Aim ?

    Folks and am after another rifle bag, Ive always been impressed with the AIM bags but I really dont want to spend so much money.
    Is there an alternitive cheaper option thats simlar in quality ?



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    Take a look at the Ridgeline sniper bag, they are normally around £99 but occasionally you can pick them up on offer - I paid £75 last week for one

    The AIM drag bag rain cover fits them as well

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    I know your train of thought. I went through the same thing! Bought one... Won't mention names but regretted it !
    My view now is if you spend decent money on scope etc... least you can do is protect it properly. .

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    Honestly? Buy cheap buy twice. I have two AIM bags and love 'em (as much as you can with a bag) I have a Harkila bag... frankly it's tat and cost almost as much. not much help I know....

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    Don't mess around...... buy an AIM bag and you get to protect and carry your expensive investment safely and comfortably every time you go out shooting.

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    i have got an aim also got an old Arktis drag bag, the aim beats it but i also have padded slip too ,the drag bags are good but no so flexible or as light as a good padded slip ,like the Napier protector 1

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    I keep repeating this every time a drag bag thread catches my eye.

    WEBTEC,, far better bag for much less money. Better than the AIM, and cheaper.

    WEBTEC,, there,, I repeated it again.

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    Give mark at 1967spud a call you will see his ad on this forum. I just bought an Aim 50 Operational Drag Bag it doesnt have all the external pockets and in my opinion is a better bag for it. He gave me a great deal best to talk with him. Its good quality and you could always sell it on in the future if your needs change. I would definitely recommend Mark and the bag. It arrived on my doorstep really quickly too.

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    Aim are very good, but Phil Ogden's rifle bags are hard to beat.

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