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Thread: Muzzle break

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    Muzzle brake

    Preferably black, has to be 1/2 UNF, suitable for heavy profile barrel.

    PM me.

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    I should have stated that it is for a .22-250. Before I get comments about having a 'glass shoulder' it is not primarily to reduce recoil. The rifle I am buying is screw cut but does not come with a thread protector. Rather than buying a thread protector I'd rather spend a bit more have a brake to do the same job but aesthetically look better and also to help reduce the small amount of muzzle flip. When I've got a mod on my ticket (next renewal) I'll replace.

    Let me know what you have.

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    Drop JAGER SA a message on here. He made me a custom brake earlier this year for my 308 at a great price and it looks awesome. Made a huge difference to the rifle

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