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Thread: Mulliner Guns (Wimborne)

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    Mulliner Guns (Wimborne)

    First of all, I've no axe to grind but I am slightly perplexed, hence the post.

    Yesterday, being unexpectedly near to Wimborne whilst stalking (well, not that close, but close enough) I thought it would be a good opportunity to pop across to Mulliners to have a look at some Blaser rifles. I'd spoken to Ian a couple of weeks earlier and he was very helpful in providing some information on the stock he currently had in and invited me down to see it. I was looking forwards to a good spot of retail therapy (without the wife in tow!).

    Anyway, despite clearly showing on their website that they are open on Mondays (although they do recommend booking an appointment) I gave them a call only to be told that the person who deals with rifle sales (Ian, I presume) was away for the day, and in fact wouldn't be back until Friday. If the shop had been open, there's every chance I would have left with a new rifle but its pretty unlikely I'm going to be passing again for some time, so it's now going to be easy enough for me to buy it from MacLeods or somewhere else.

    Am I being unfair? I might be doing Mulliner's an injustice (feel free to praise them to the hilt if you like!) but given the hoops that we already have to jump through to own a rifle, having to make an appointment to buy one makes me slightly resentful.

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    To be fair to the guy he is a one man band. However, I very recently bought a new R93 barrel from him at a very reasonable price, I hasten to add, but could not pick it up on the day I wanted because I could not get hold of him! His lack of availability aside, I would still use him again due to the price I got the barrel for and the attention he gave me when I met him.

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    I get a lot of my kit from Ian and have always had good service. I know that he is away on business this week abroad and back Friday. Personally I would have rung him to make sure he was open especially as he lists on his website to ring before hand.

    Where were you stalking out of interest?


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    When I last purchased a new scope, he came highly recommended by a friend. I spoke to him and he was going to ring be back.

    Six months and a Z6i from Litts later I'm still waiting


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