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Thread: Deformed cases

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    Deformed cases

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    With thanks

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    You are sizing the neck too much, a .308 bullet is actually 7.82mm diametre.
    You state that your ID after FL sizing is 7.63mm, that is almost .008" smaller then bullet diametre in old money, more then double then what you need.
    .003" to .004" neck tension is usually sufficient but you would need to experiment, i use just enough neck tension so that i cannot rotate the bullet between thumb and forefinger which translates to only .002" in my case.


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    What what is the diameter of your expander ball?~Muir

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    thanks for info I will certainly reduce internal diameter.
    Is there not a chance of bullets moving in their cases while in the magazine with recoil from previous shots?
    I don't think mine would ha ha!!
    It normally takes between 10 and 15 firm hits in the dismantler thingy


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    Muir , bear with me iam pretty new to this reloading.
    Expanding ball? I presume that is in the FLR tool.
    I purchased my gear of a friend 6 months ago and only neck sized before. Now I got some new cases I tried the FLR tool.

    i will have a deeper look at the tool tonight


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