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    Hi im looking for a nv that i can use on a .22and .243 it would be an add on. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Hi Dan,

    You will find you are fairly spoilt for choice depending on your budget, I use an Archer on both my 243 and my 22 which works very well and much easier on eye than digital. The key to shooting at night is spotting, you don't need a big bucks NV if you can spot at range and use the wind and cover to get in on your target. I use TI for spotting which is very good but have to use it with my left eye so I can still see to through the Archer to shoot. Don't forget to budget for some form of IR too.



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    Budget is key to the answer here because as said, there's plenty of choice out there......
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    400 gets a lot of performance when you spend it on a photon. As others have said you also need to think about spotting and some extra IR

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    Was thinking around 600 for the nv and around 130 for illuminator. Just not sure what people use. What price is an archer?

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    Archers are awesome , but downside is have to be more careful bit to allow daylight into the lense as it burns the intensifier tube.
    For be digital is better incase I don't out a lense cap back on right .
    Photon good but dedicated nv
    Go to
    And see marky610 of nite tek
    He does a digital add on within budget & a T20 IR illuminater won't break another 50 quid but do the job nicely


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    Or .... Blow budget & get a drone pro !!!!
    Like I did

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    Had an archer for a couple of weeks now and to be honest I'll stick to lamping !! I must be old school but nv wasn't for me I found it a bit boring I like flicking a lamp around .

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