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Thread: Lansky Sharpening System

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    Lansky Sharpening System

    Does any one use the above system to sharpen a quality stainless steel stalking knife. I tried the strop to no great affect so, I've made a balls up with mine on a water stone. The knife has a pretty steep micro bevel to it and that's what I was trying to remove. Any advise?

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    I use the Lansky system for both my hunting knives and my wife`s kitchen knives. I have a Fallkniven PHK knife which is made of a very hard steel; suffice to say it will shave the hairs of my arms in a second. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I would recommend that you also buy the stand for it.
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    Nice one. I'll give it a go. I usually stick with carbon steel blades which I can manage ok with on the stone and strop. This stainless is new to me so could maybe do with a helping hand.
    Regards, cjs

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    Don't give up on the strop, I would still use it as a final touch after the lansky has done its work.

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    Ok, job done. After some hard work with the Lansky and a bit of Autosol on a old leather belt it's razor sharp again. It's tough stuff that Sheffield Stainless but I've got my edge right now. Thanks for the tips.

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