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Thread: I feel like a novice

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    I feel like a novice

    In the seemingly never ending quest for the perfect scope, i have looked through a lot over the last year.
    been a bit puzzled by the latest viewing. Cheaper scopes, the instructions usually state to focus eyepiece to get cross hairs in best focus,
    The target is normally in focus all the time with fixed parralax, however, looking through some top end scopes, the cross hairs appeared to stay focused, whilst the target needed to be brought into focus ???.

    Really liked the minox 1.2/6 x 24. Question is am i liking it because i wanted to like it? comparing side by side with a SB 6x40 i couldent really see much disadvantage with the smaller objective.. Looking at at a pheasant 250 yds away they seemed equally usable

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    There are lots of theories and calculations on what is the maximum light gathering capability of a specific lens size, pupil size, ration between magnification and lens size etc etc

    get one that works for you and ignore the marketing!

    Have had Swaro, S&B, Leupold, Zeiss, Meopta, Nikko Stirling, Hawke (never again!), among others
    Fixed, Variable, side parallax, objective parallax, first focla plane, second focal plane.....

    Only one I have ever failed to shoot due to light was with a leupold VX2 4-14x44, and to be fair without a direct side by side comparison it may have just been too damn dark!

    I now use a selection of 6x44, 7x50, 8x50, 4-14x44, 3-12x44, 3-9x44, 3-9x50 and 20x44 scopes!
    only one of them is worth more than the gun.....and my guns aren't worth much!

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