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Thread: Im a newbie

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    Im a newbie

    Hiya all
    Is there any ladies on here? I joined cos i want to be able to train my dog for deer tracking and looking for any help and advice. The other half stalks a lot and he will intro himself sometime. I work part-time secretary, involved in lots of country sports, pick up throughout the shooting season and train my gundogs(6). I am an import to Wales and a totally converted townie.

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    Welcome to the site, the other half of Money nut ( Lady Stalker ) is one that I have met, i believe there are others out there

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    Oh and i have stalked on many occassions with the oh and even got to take out a poor red stag up in the highlands, that was something i will never forget.

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    Welcome to the site,there's a few other ladys on here IanF's wife can't remember what she goes under,Pippa and theres Aunty who's not long joined but the jury's out on her

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    welcome to the site, im sure you will enjoy it on here. good to see another lady joining up, neil ever since aunty joined up fester has gone to ground.

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    Andy, thats for sure. Did have a text joke from him yesterday, but I fear the very thought of Auntie coming over to stay has probably sent Fester scuttling off to hide on one of his leases!!!


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    Welcome to the site Michelle, you are one of a few ladies on here, off the top of my head there is Artemis, Sika Shell, Pippa, Lady Stalker, and Aunty who is only a lady when he is not drunk, or is it when he is drunk I mean't she is not drunk, I don't know what I mean

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    welcome aboard Michellle
    apart from all those mentioned there is also Trackergirl , she runs labs and just getting into tracking in a big way really nice lady to get in touch with
    Roe doe but don't think she has ever posted much just looks in,
    blimey a few others that i just can't think of at the mo
    what part of Mid wales are you in as i grew up there, plus there are quite a few members are also in your part of the world who might be able to help aswell

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    Many thanks for all the welcomes, i didnt know if I would be busting in on some boyish stuff joining but the oh has a mate on here from South Wales and he recommended the site.
    I dont do much stalking but i do join the oh on some of his outings and love it, although i have shot a red stag, i dont think i could pull the trigger on a roe buck, way too pretty, but i once said i couldnt kill anything.
    it took a good few smacks on the head to kill my first trout and then oh had to finish it properly.
    I am from right in the middle of Wales. 30 miles to Aberystwyth and 45 to Shrewsbury so right bang in the middle, not a lot of deer in these parts but oh is in a syndicate in Hereford so not too far for him to travel, 1 half hours.
    We have 6 dogs, 4 trained for picking up and 4 generations at that, all labs, a sprocker and also had a fox red lab pup which we bred last year bought back a month ago, she will be one in two weeks, she hasnt been touched really just joined the pack so I think she may take a bit of training. Then we have Sika our Spinone, bought her for tracking, shes just 6 months and waiting for help on how to start her training, so if anyone out there has any hints and tips, please pass them on, i have applied to join the Schweiss! also does anyone know of any dvds i can buy to watch.


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    Hi Michelle

    Welcome to SD hope you engoy on here. Are you anywhere near Llanidloes or Newtown, have some friends in Llani & fish Clywedog with them.

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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