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Thread: Excellent company

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    Excellent company

    Well i would just like to express my views on the excellent company my friend tikka308 & myself had this weekend We met up with some very good down to earth people from this site. yes i will name them. Stone, who very generously allowed us to stalk on his ground & provided us with an excellent day & great generosity & looked after us over the duration of the day The mighty Beowulf who really is as funny as i imagined him to be & great fun but really does have the love for deer at the same level i have & also Waddashot who is a dictionary of experience regarding deer stalking & feel i have known him for bloody years
    We didnt manage to reach our goal in getting Tikka308 his 1st wild deer but i do honestly think he totally enjoyed the day. the thing is its just being out there thet counts. We did see a good head of deer, More than i imagined but unfortunately no decent shot presented itself to me I personally saw plenty of deer as stone & tikka wandered off & left me too it
    In all the years i have been stalking I still shake at the sight of a deer crossing my path & possibly presenting itself to me for a shot. Im glad that feeling is still with me & i also feel it when i see someone else about to take a shot
    Today has shown me how good this site really is & i believe & strong friendship has developed that will lead to bigger & better things in regards to stalking after today
    My hat comes off to the likes of the genuine people from this site i have spent my sunday with
    Thanks again stone

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    The pleasure was all ours Nick (Stone and I). Personally I felt as though we had known each other for years. Are conversations were frank, honest, informative and very humourous. I learned alot from all of you. I would also like to thank your good self, Andy (Tika 308), Ian (Wadashot) and most of all our host, a very decent fellow Richard (Stone) for making sunday a very happy and memorable day for me. I look forward now to our return visit up to your neck of the woods when Sikamalc will hopefully join us!

    A brilliant day spent with true gentleman of the deer management world!

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    I would also like to publicly thank you all aswell, Beowulf, tika308, styre243 and of course, stone, the man who ran around after us, fed us with a big breakfast and who wasn`t going to see me sat in the corner drooling with just a bacon sarnie , although i reckon his water rates will go through the roof with the amount used for the consumption of tea.

    I have to agree, that it was like we had known each other for years, with the same sense of humour and never any offence taken with the mickey taking.

    To me, this is what it`s all about, not just stalking, but meeting geniune entheusiastic like minded people who are all willing to share experiences, knowledge and stalking.

    Long may it last my friends and thankyou for a top weekend


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    You didnt thank the spider eating monkey Shame on you

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    Ofcourse steyr243, the monkey , It looked a bit gay to me But none the less, thankyou monkey. Andy kept eyeing it up . What about that bloody cat on that branch, what the F**k was that?


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    Is that what it was a cat
    Think andy was giving that the eye as well

    Only kidding stone your monkey & cat are very nice mate Just keep an eye on andy tho as im sure something was going on between them. He was sharing his tea with it you know

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    many thanks to you all especialy to stone for taking me and steyr243 on to his was great to put a few faces to names.i still have not managed to grass my first beast yet i had a muntie in the scope and missed .i need to get some practice in with the sticks.thanks again for everything.i had a great time.i didnt sleep well last night kept having nitemares about monkeys

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    Never mind that man tika308, there is plenty of time and me thinks now plenty of opportunity.


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    well well well
    wot can i say i am all choked up
    thank you lads for all your kind words
    as some may know this outing was arranged by myself for tika.308 to try and shoot his first wild deer all from comments that tika has had a 308 for 3 years i think, as time , money and lack of oppurtunity has not been in plenty, so i had the ground ,the deer and some time, so thought give the lad a break , from this his mate steyr was also invited just to help out as steyr is quite well qualified and a chance to put a face to his name unfortunately the deer did not play ball in the way i had hoped ,
    as for mr B and wadas cheekily inviting themselves to breakfast all were made welcome the least they desrved after what they hav done for me, now i know i need a bigger conservatory, made be just rent out the local cafe instead as i am sure we will be joined by many others of this site as they to will be made welcome if they were passing on their travels
    and no the bernard stays at home as he is not house trained

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    Sounds like half of the Midlands was out stalking on Sunday

    Tikka 308 you will have to come out with an old hand all these young stalkers running around, and all that tea drinking sounds like you all did more eating and drinking than stalking

    Only joking boys, glad to hear you all got on well and had a good time. I was in scotland checking out a few things and looking over my lease. Weather was great, and I now await the results of my meeting.

    Look forward to meeting you all soon.

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