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Thread: sssi and stalking

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    sssi and stalking

    Does anyone stalk on designated sssi sites ? i have been lucky enough to have been offered for sale a narrow stip of land about 1/2 mile long by a local landowner its rough peat bog / scrub land bordered by birch and odd hardwoods both sides
    Dont really know the complications with sssi designations, is it just the management of the site or does it have implications regards shooting ?
    Had a recce tonight saw three roe, and what looked like a herd of cattle had been passing through so it looks like its well used by the local reds. any advice for this stalking newbie appreciated. DF

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    Yes - where I game shoot is a designated SSSI. Natural England are currently working on a 5 year plan for ancient woodland regeneration and they are keen on the deer numbers being reduced Try to work with them, not against.


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    are there any grants on this land, and why is it SSSI?
    If its flora, then the deer are obviously going to have to go.

    Sorry forgot to ask are you North or South of ther Border.


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    Griff im south mate, most deffo flora and fauna as far as im aware there are no grants attached to it, although just to make sure iv decided to contact NE to check and see what they have to say about it . DF

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    I have stalked and managed an estate for the past 8 years with part of it sssi as it is old Caledonian woodland. I cannot move a twig in the wood which is about 1200 acres on about an 8000 acre estate. No highseats either and I have to ensure we meet reasonable numbers for the cull. As the predominant species is Jap Sika it does not make life easy, and there are also Reds, but not often in the wood funnily enough.

    As has been mentioned work with the authorities not against them, I am a little bit lucky as it is a settled estate with a board of trustees.


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    Very interested in your comments about the highseats. On the land I referred to above, Natural England asked the DI to provide advice. They did so, as part of which they have loaned a number of new galvanised high seats, both lean-to and free standing. In determining that the deer population needed controlling they also recognised the role of highseats in ensuring that this could take place effectively (the land around is pretty flat).

    It's just interesting to me how different regions/woodlands bring different conditions.


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    Dont know !! all i know is that the owner (life tenant) of the estate does not want to see high seats in the forest. It may be just his wish, never asked to be honest. Over the years it has never been a big problem as there are many areas inside the forest that have high points where you can stand and often take deer. However being Sika deer they are very very switched on in this area, and the wind changes a fair bit, but after all these years I have it fairly well sussed. Also having Todd with me helps, as he will tell you if there are deer in front providing the wind is on his nose or to the edge of it. Some of the lads of this site came up last year so they know what the terrain is like.

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    Potentially a bloody minefield! I owned some land, with a lake, that had one of the fields adjoining it designated as a SSSI. The "list" of things that you could not do or had to seek permission to do was just impossible.

    My advice? Get a clear, in writing, schedule of what you can and can't do. You will have to be pro-active in setting out what you want to do and then getting a reply saying what is and is not allowed.

    There may even be "issues" with disposal of the gralloch and the use of firearms and the construction of the bullet metal.

    I'm not trying to put you off - I used to shoot duck and pheasant over my SSSI - so there was no shooting prohibition. But there were rules about digging or having a small fire even. So "works of construction" were also no go.

    Mine had some four sided grasses - I'm not making this up - and some rare sort of spider!
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    we actualy were given stalking as a result of woodland having an SSI on it as there were some orchids in one of the blocks and they didnt want these eaten by deer so it can work in your favor as well as against if restrictions are put on you or your method of stalking

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    A mine field as someone said, one area that I stalked was designated an S.S.I Alder forest they would not allow any shooting full stop.

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