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Thread: Moderator Recommendations for 17HMR

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    Moderator Recommendations for 17HMR


    Just put a variation in for a 17HMR and wondered what people where using on their 17HMR's and how effective the chosen moderator was at quietening down the noise.

    I would appreciate any suggestions on the best moderator available.

    Thanks in advance


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    A-Tec CMM4 and get two extra baffles, it is really light and extremely quiet with extra baffles.

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    I had an Ase Utra rimfire mod on my CZ but that was sold with the rifle and I now have a Swift Precision "Nightingale" from Richard Pope...... very nice, very quiet and very well made and well reviewed by Richard Utting (aka Richness) on YouTube. Ok more expensive than the AU but it's quality.



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    Someone asked the same question a couple of weeks ago and got lots of answers. If you search the thread you may find the answer you''re after.

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    Thanks for the responses, will have a look. Already have a nightingale that I use on my 22LR. Will have a go with that before I buy another. then.

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