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Thread: RCBS automatic bench priming tool!

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    RCBS automatic bench priming tool!

    As above,very good condition,55 posted!

    The RCBS Automatic Bench Priming Tool is a great tool for the reloader looking for fast, accurate and highly sensitive feel when seating primers. One of the attributes that seasoned reloaders look for in a priming tool is the "feel" so they can tell how deep a primer has been seated, and if the primer they just seated felt like the primer they seated 10 rounds ago. By having a tool that provides sensitive feel reloaders can tell how consistent their priming operation is which helps to create more accurate ammunition. One other great attribute of this priming tool is that it helps to virtually eliminate primer contamination. Primers are fed through auto primer feed tubes one-by-one helping to maintain the integrity of primers by preventing potential contamination from oily fingers. All reloaders have to do to fill up the primer tubes is dump their primers into a primer flipping tray then use the primer pick-up tubes to pick up primers, so there should not be a chance for contamination.
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