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Thread: Wet dog!

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    Wet dog!

    Just thought I'd share a funnymoment with you all.
    My pup of nearly 7 months has never much liked water. For whatever reason she's always been timid to enter even a puddle. With gentle coaxing I've been building her up. Puddles, paddling in a pond, even a cement tray filled with water. She now paddles but has never swum out of her depth and still won't go in water by choice if she can help it.
    Anyway, I took her for a walk and some training just now and decided to come back along the canal towpath. I let her off the lead because with nobody around and no escape sideways its a good place to practice recalls/stop whistle.
    Anyway, she was trotting along just out in front when all of a sudden she catches a smell in the grass by the canal. Next second - Splash! She's thrown herself head first off the foot-high embankment!
    I dont know if she was so intent on hunting her smell that she didn't realise, or if she decided she was feeling braver than normal. The poor little mite sank like a stone for a second then bobbed back up and swam straight back to the bank. Problem was I then had to fish her out because it's a vertical concrete step Lucky I wasn't wearing my Sunday best!
    She didn't seem too distressed, more confused as to what had just happened.
    I guess now shell either be fine with water or else hate it even more!
    I couldn't help laughing at her look of "what the hell happened!?"
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    Sounds as bad as our Jack Russell, Molly who tips toes on our drive if its wet.
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    our new jack is the same if you try n take him out in the rain he just shakes like a leaf and whimpers till u bring him in.savage ratter NOT

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    Poppy is happy as larry out in the rain, and will run about in wet grass no problem. I think her issue is/was when she can't see the bottom anymore.
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    AND my new puppy progress DIARY

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    Reminds me of my Weimaraner a few years ago, although he wasn't timid of water at all, one afternoon out for a walk short cut grass with a pond covered thickly with bright green duck weed. Dog set off full steam ahead and didn't realise the pond wasn't an extension of the field. When he surfaced he had that look you describe and was covered in duck weed

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