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Thread: Where to buy new (tikka) rifles from?

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    Where to buy new (tikka) rifles from?

    A friend and I are in the very fortunate position where soon I will be able to buy whole new set ups. Looking to buy 4 x Tikka T3 lites (2 x .223 and 2 x .270), moderators and 4 Swarovski scopes. having always brought second hand, private sale rifles before.... Where is the best place to buy from? Been looking on the websites of the main shops but didn't know if anyone had any specific recommendations? To keep the thread on track I am looking for where to buy not feedback on what I am buying ! Thanks. Luke

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    with a big order like that I would expect to be haggling
    find your biggest local RFD

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    Greenfields in Salisbury did me a good deal on a package a couple of years back

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    Thanks Bewsher, I am fear not!!! Just trying to get an idea of what we should be able to get them for though, or a starting point at least! Thanks. Luke

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    Hi Luke, try Southfield Sporting at Frome, Somerset - I know its not in your area but nor mine! Did me a good deal on a .308 T3 Lite package.

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    If you were to send me a list with the exact specs you want i could come back to you with a price.

    Thanks, Oscar

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    Swillington shooting supplies. They will do a cracking deal on an order like that, particularly the Swarovski glass.


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    Try sean/tod at clayshooters supplies mkt harborough local to you and nice blokes

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    Northallerton gunshop would be my choice. They do some great deals on ex demo rifles too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Greenfields in Salisbury did me a good deal on a package a couple of years back

    Greenfields gets a big thumbs up from me! Great people, great service and good prices!

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