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Thread: Thoughts please

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    Thoughts please

    Hi lads
    i have just today been given a pup to see if he can be trained to deer dog standard.He,s a pure black lad x german shepard his father is a pure black huge german shepard police dog and his mother is a big square headed lab bitch he,s only 10 weeks old and not that much smaller than my springer dog.He is definatly not backward when he meet my other dogs even my mastif
    i,m looking forward to training him i know he will be a handful and he,s going to be a big boy.I would like to know if anyone has seen or tryed this cross before?


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    You cant go wrong with a cross, mind you a trailer to transport him about will be needed in due course and a glow collar for night time so that your not whistling and calling him back when he's sitting happily beside you (mine is dark brown and stealth at night) have fun

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    Try to figure out if its hunting dog genes are strong enough and outcoming for a training as a deer dog...
    Check his nose abilities, the other training (behaviour) shouldnt be a big deal...

    Good luck!
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    Even at 10 weeks, try dragging some liver or lung for 5 yards across the garden and see if it will follow it. That will be a guide.

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    Hi i dragged 4 deer legs tied together and dripped in blood for 20 yards in a field and tryed him on it he hit the strenge smell and followed it to the legs and was rewarded with some fresh deer liver he loves it and im well happy.

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    Oh well nig,my pudle is starting to get the hang of things now ,shot 3 roe in tall rape and all in different parts of the field to see how he would cope with it and he did fine , made him sit at each one then put him out again,let him of the lead to see his reaction and he pointed 2 of them and wouldn't leave them till we got there, so am happier now, al see his reaction hopefully on the Reds sometime in the next week.cheers

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    If he grows to anything like the size of my shepherd you can fit him with panniers so he can carry your gear.

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    Best of luck with him. My best dog is a mongrel. Keep us updated on his progress

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    My first dog was a GSD x Lab when I was a lad. Shape of a lab, colour of a GSD. He was a good loyal dog but never tried to work him (I hadn't started shooting then). I cant see any reason why the pup shouldn't make a good dog they are relatively quick to learn and both of the breeds can track.

    It sounds like he's already making a good start.

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    Hi lads just an update,thimgs are progressing slow but sure for a 4 month old pup very keen to please he had a good heavy laid track on monday about 80 yards on a rough green field a did very well he was slow and steady and got there in the end with little help.the track was laid with liver and lungs on a rope dragged across the field in a per set track but not along the hedge line.i left aheavy blood splash and a few bits of liver and lung as a strike point to start with and the rest was left at the end of the track as a find.his reward was a good old slice of very pleased with him.when he,s full grown i,ll just tell him to FETCH and stand my ground

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