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Thread: Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit

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    Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit

    Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit BBC News - Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit

    I guess this your punishment from the SNP for not voting the way they wanted...

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    Better tell the old dear to go easy with the brandy in the Xmas pud this year.

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    Is there any evidence to show that drivers with 50-80mg of alcohol in their blood have more accidents than those with less?

    atb Tim

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    Isn't the present blood alcohol limit for driving in the U.K. actually higher than in many other European countries, and haven't various governments have been thinking of reducing the present limit for some years now?
    Perhaps Scotland is taking the lead and setting a good example. I've seen too many deaths caused by drunk drivers to think that our present system is perfect.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I refuse to drive after even a single drink - I'm acutely aware that even at that level, my driving gets worse. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves and threatening the rest of us.

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    My wife and I have a wonderful arrangement, I drive to the pub and she drives home (she doesn't drink).
    Mind you the way she drives you need a few drinks inside you to steady your nerves when she drives home.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Why do pubs clubs and hotels have car parks then?

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    Most of it is down to the individuals involved. Everyone's body processes the booze at different rates and on different days it effects people differently. It won't make a huge difference to either arrest levels or accidents in my view. If you don't want to take the risk drink nothing or don't drive. However politically it often curries favour so it will be implemented entirely on this basis. Even if it does not get passed it looks good. If anything I would say drink driving laws are observed far more by the general public in Scotland than down south. But that is only my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbrayford View Post
    Is there any evidence to show that drivers with 50-80mg of alcohol in their blood have more accidents than those with less?

    atb Tim
    That for me is the big question!! Yes they're are accidents due to drunk drivers every year but those folk are already drunk/over the limit so having a new lower limit will not make any difference.

    Unless there is many accidents caused by people in the 50-80mg category (and i doubt there is any evidence of this)
    I never even have 1 if i'm driving but this is just a way to hammer honest motorists driving to work the next morning.
    Go out on a school nite to watch the fitba and have 4-5 pints which is not a big nite good chance be over the limit next morning, just wait for all the 'random' police tests the morning after a big fitba game. Nice easy collar's, (and yes u shouldnae drink and drive but being 5-10mg over the next morning is not likely to cause any accidents but severely f**k up ur work/life/insurance)

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    Sorry guys I agree with it. Best. Not to drink at all when driving . The problem with the current laws is that its all about self management . I work part time and have been involved in the license tradeas a license holder ,club owner and general manager of various hotels as well as being a doorman for over 17 years and I know from experience even one pint has the ability to effect someone, being drunk is not just the consumption but also the various conditions that the body deals with the effects of alcohol. Have you ever had a pint or a shot and thought it was a little strong or made you feel a little strange?, also the alcohol content from each measure from draught beer varies even if its from the same tap for instance two pints of Stella from the same tap will have two different alcohol readings.

    So instead of just a one line reply of I agree or not this is a little more educated. I do understand in our community the social dram or pint is part in parcel of what we do but we have got a real alcohol problem in this country and in the field sports profession. I know at least 5 keepers who have lost their drivers license and even their guns just because of alcohol
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