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Thread: Hydronephrosis

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    I shot a Roe whilst out last night which had an ailment which I have only seen a couple of times, but could be potentially worrying if you haven't seen it before.
    It is known as 'Hydronephrosis' which basically means 'water on the kidney'. It looks like the kidney has black grapes under the surface skin. It is apparently more common in older animals and this one is no exception. I've included a photo of the lower jaw so we can all have a go at ageing it! I reckon she is 5 years and 9 months old! Any advance on that?
    I've also shown the least affected kidney 'peeled' to show the crater damage it causes inside.
    It is caused by a restriction in the urinary flow which causes a back pressure to the kidneys which in turn form swellings of water.
    It can lead to complete kidney failure and I would imagine could be quite painful. The animal showed no other symptoms and was 37lb with a set of fine looking young buck kids with her, and two healthy foetuses within.
    This is not a disease really though as it is the result of another problem. There is no reason why it should not enter the food chain.
    A good cull animal though.
    Anyone else seen this before?
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    Nope, never seen this either in the flesh or in books - many thanks for posting the excellent pictures.


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    Excellent picture of the kidneys.

    Age - yep, I think 5 or 6 as well.

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    yep had the same thing onley last month wondered what it was thanks for that had me wondering if eating it was the right thing to do other than the lumps my deer was in verry good conditon tasted good hmmmmmm

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    Never seen anything like that. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I also think she is 5 years old.



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    MS, thanks for showing us this, I know know those two lumps I keep finding are Kidneys!

    Well done! they look bigger than the ones Chris showed us from the Sika.

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    Yep I shot a deer up your way back around 2000 with the same condition except it had more "grapes" on its kidneys its the only one I ever shot with it and it too was a good doe in all other respects.

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    Hydronephrosis - Part 2!

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    Went out tonight and shot another in a similar condition! This fella was on the same estate about 1 km away from the other one! I wonder if they are somehow linked?
    Again about aged 7 years, fit and strong looking buck weighing 44lb head and legs on. Pedicles short and slightly sloped and antlers starting to 'go-back' maybe.
    I've peeled one kidney again to show the cratering.
    I was going to leave him as he looked a nice animal, but he has been thrashing the trees in the adjacent wood and was doing just that tonight so he had to go! Glad I did now as that must hurt!
    The Cutco knife is only partly there for scale. I ordered it yesterday afternoon on line and it was here this morning! I just wanted to show it off really!
    Bloody sharp and christened well I think?!
    I hope this is of interest.

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    Here is my Sika yearling that was suffering the same condition. I didn't take pictures of the jaw unfortunatly but premolar 3 was missing with new coming through. She weighed in at 45Lb which is a bit low.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can't believe it!
    Just shot another one tonight on the same estate!

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    The second photo shows the huge blister on the kidney opened to show the extent of the damage they cause internally. This was once again an otherwise fit and healthy Doe carrying twin Doe foetuses. She was 38lb head and legs on.
    I'm now concerned to have shot this many in the same area and would like to know what is causing it? Any vets like to hazard a guess?
    The estate is about 2,500 acres of organic arable with several small woodlands. There are a lot of outdoor pig units on the estate but the roe tend to avoid them.
    Very strange!???

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