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Thread: Bavarian mountain hound

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    Bavarian mountain hound

    Hi all
    Does any body know of any BMH pups becoming available now or in the future

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    Quote Originally Posted by black lion View Post
    Hi all
    Does any body know of any BMH pups becoming available now or in the future

    i know a guy in Dorset who has a couple of pups for sale, contact Kevin on 07889777235.

    all the best


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    I'll vouch for the Dams ability. Fantastic dog who has baled me out on a number of occasions!
    Her pups are also very capable. Had the privilege to watch one of the dog pups "find" his 1st sika. Chest shot pricket that ran on 200m+ and disappeared in long heathland grass. We marked it but let the little lad pick up the trail from the point of impact and trail it to the beast.
    The Dam is both an attractive dog and has a lovely temperament with people and other dogs.
    if I didn't have a 14month old ESS in tow I would have had one
    Kevin's a great bloke to deal with as well.
    so +1 here!
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    Thanks for the replies
    I want a pup from working strain I have only ever had labs an tried to use them for game shooting as well as stalking .
    I have decided to have a dog solely for stalking these dogs seem to be a good bet
    Thanks ill let you know how we get on

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    Please be sure to spend lots of training time with it because all that I have heard about them is they can get get ratty/restless if not kept really busy preferably following up on downed game.

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    I can only endorse what has been said already
    Kevin is a top bloke and I had the pleaser of meeting him and his dog hound a couple of years back when he took part in a BDS tracking weekend where his hound performed to a high standard.

    all the best Tony

    Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    Tanks for the pointers the bmh society train once a month at Cannock chase which is close to me so that would be good for the dog and me to take part in
    good experience for us both im currently out stalking twice a week so hopefully the dog will have plenty of fresh feet and blood to follow in training .how soon once bonded with me to start the basics I guess same as labs ,Any guidance an experience out their I would be very grateful

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    You won't go wrong with a BMh good temperament and real good workers
    Atb tom

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    I've got one of Kevin's pups and she is brilliant. Only 19 weeks old now and she can handle with ease 200 meter trails with turns in and the trails have been aged for 5 hours. Kevin is a top chap and the pups are first class.
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    BMH society have a training and test day on Sunday 9th November, Worth going to see how it all works.

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