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Thread: Birds of prey deaths not deliberate

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    Birds of prey deaths not deliberate

    I found the following on the Scottish BBC news site this evening.....

    Birds of prey found dead in Ross-shire in the Highlands earlier this year were most likely not targeted deliberately, police have said.
    More than 20 raptors were discovered at various locations in March and April.
    Police Scotland confirmed that 16 of them - 12 red kites and four buzzards - were probably accidentally killed by pest control measures.
    A reward is being offered for witnesses or further information which could help with the ongoing inquiry.
    A criminal investigation into the deaths remains ongoing.


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    I had heard it was secondary poisoning a long time ago, no apology to gamekeepers for there name being dragged through the mud.
    rspb new about this along time ago and chose to stoke the fire with rhetoric

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    Ha! I wondered why Mark Avery had stopped making legal threats against me after comments I made about the RSPB on Twitter. Tw@t.

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    remember theyd been feeding the birds meat full of some sheep poison n when they realised theyre mistake tried a witch hunt to blame gamekeepers.vengence is a dish best served cold .do you think theyl confess.i didnt think so either

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    Being involved in pestcontrol I'm rather intrigued in what legal poison would have such an effect on so many birds in the various locations in such a condensed time frame.
    Ah, read the other thread, sheep medicine!
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    Can't think what sheep medicine might have caused that? They've all got a pretty wide margin of safety.

    However, if the carcasses came from sheep that had been euthanased by lethal injection that might be different. But such carcasses would be few and far between, and hardly likely to be readily available.

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    Will the results of the toxicology reports ever be made public?


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    should be no problem to get that report if no criminal investigations are ongoing in fairness which allows you to work out what the story was

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    I would also be very interested in wot legal pest control method has caused this.

    For me the favourite would be a build up of some sort of sheep liver fluke treatment, the time of year it happened is when most sheep wil be well dosed up with it, i know a few wet areas local to me were farmers are well overdoseing there sheep just to attempt to keep them alive and reasonably free of fluke.
    I'm sure the concentrations of those in any fallen stock carcas's will be far higher than DDT levels found in prey back in the 60-70's yet that had a severe impact on BOP's.
    With these birds are either relying or gettin a large % of there food from the feeding station any chemical in the meat could have a larger impact as it is such a big proportion of there diet.

    Cannae wait to see wot Alex Hogg and the SGA make of this

    VSS u probably have a far better idea than me as a sheep farmer, but the marign for error, will be totally different in a smaller animal like a BOP and generally top end predators do have higher levels of pollutants in there bodies due to it accumulating

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    Also heard it was caused by flukecide, just goes to show ,you should always follow the withdrawal period .....

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