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Thread: Anyone got a FFP Sightron...... SIII 6-24x50LR FFP

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    Anyone got a FFP Sightron...... SIII 6-24x50LR FFP

    Hi All,
    Going to get a scope for .308, was between Zeiss HD5 and Vortex Viper PST but now this one has caught my eye.

    It's the FFP Sightron SIII series available in Mil/Mil or Moa/Moa format, seems similar to Vortex Viper PST but the glass is better going by the reviews.
    Anyone used one or know about them? and are they rugged enough for both hunting and range work?

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    Not got that exact model but have a few SIII and a SII. Not the cheapest around but never let me down and one in particular has had a few knocks from my careless father.

    Optics quality are a good as any other US scopes I've used. If considering only the scopes listed, I'd opt for the Zeiss.

    Folks often forget that the US scopes won't retain their resale value against good European ones.

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    I've got an SIIISS 6-24x50 LRIRMOA that was on the .22-250 before I broke it down. Only shot 100 rounds at 100yds at BSRC as MOD ranges won't allow calibres this fast, but it is a cracking scope. Bought for the rebarrel in 6.5x47 after much research, and expectation is for 1,200yds.

    I have a Swaro on my hunting rifle, and that will easily take me to 600yds on the 6.5x55, but was bought to hunt so a completely different discipline.

    Would I swap them over? No. Happy with purchases? Absolutely! Which would I use to both hunt and target shoot? The Swaro, every day which is why I bought it first, but it's a hunting scope, not a range scope, and I would say the same goes for the Zeiss - as per scotsgun's thoughts
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