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Thread: cant sign in

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    cant sign in

    hi all had a nightmare passed 2 days trying to sign in it kept giving me different passwords which none of worked so had to re regester with a new name i was biglad cant get into my PM S a bit miffed any help very welcom cheers all

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    I tested and tested the reset password feature and it worked every time. Were you copy/pasting the new password in or typing it?


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    Sorry was typing it in mate was that wrong ??

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    I was going to suggest pasting to make absolutely sure all the lowercase/uppercase was right as the passwords are case sensitive. Also make sure you don't highlight any blank space at the end. If this still doesn't work let me know and I'll reset the password manually and email it to you.


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    cheers mate have tryed that still no must be me im as thick as ****......

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    ok I've emailed your new password to the email address associated with your original account.


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    Alex im up and running agane many thanks mate cheers........

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    Welcome back!

    I'll merge the two accounts...

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