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Thread: Borden Timberline 7x57

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    Borden Timberline 7x57

    Something a bit different for the Forum, not being a "Tacticool" rifle in any way, but it might be of interest to some of the Guys.

    Its been a long time not so much in the making, but more in the acquisition of the parts from the USA, which we all know is a royal PITA these days.

    Essentially its a Borden Timberline action in CM, with a LW 22" CM barrel 9 twist, Jewel trigger, Williams Bottom Metal, Talley /Borden Mounts, topped off with a Swarovski 4-12 Z4i scope.

    The metalwork is courtesy of our very own Redmist, thanks Andy for your patience and ability. The stock is by Gary Cane, styled on a traditional Rigby/English form, and is hand oil finished out of a plank of Black Walnut. I picked the plank, Gary did the rest and put the whole thing together at his workshop up in Norfolk.

    I picked it up on Wednesday this week, and took it to the range this afternoon. It definitely shoots better than I can, as you can see from the first shot of the 3. Will the deer notice the error? Probably not.

    I've got it going with Norma brass, H414, Nosler 140 ABs, Fed GM210 primers, and it seems to work OK , and without a lot of load development involved. I'll most likely try to refine it in the fullness of time, but for the moment that load will do for the Fallow.

    Pros: Build quality, which is evident in the end results, and the balance of the rifle. It will be a great stalking rifle, of that I am already certain.

    Cons: Build time, due to ITAR nonsense and non availability in UK of the parts.

    Compromises: Due to the non availability of decent quality and appropriate magazine systems for Remington clone actions, we ended up with a traditional drop box. I would have had a detachable magazine, but thats just personal preference on my part.

    Recommends: Both parties involved in the painstaking research for the "bits" and for bringing the idea to reality. Gary Canes craftsmanship is of the highest order.

    So: a few pics?

    No pics of the invisible cap, 'cos its invisible .

    Thanks again to Andy and Gary, all credit to both of you.
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    Stunning mate. Is the idea to kill the deer with beauty?
    I think it's about perfect in looks and it's obviously a shooter. Congrats on a cracking rifle

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    Its a stunning classic rifle I wish I owned it ( but in a differant caliber ) but I would make a mess of it.

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    OOooo dats pritty

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    That's a beautiful rifle in a great caliber , my compliments and respect to all involved . I'm envious .


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    Beautiful ! The stock looks like an Al Biesen or Winchester Model 70 Supergrade from the early 1960s, but even better grade of wood. The red pad sets it off. And it shoots like a house afire !!

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    Thank you for sharing your completed work of art - stunning, beautiful et al........without doubt worth all the hassles etc. along the way and all the sweeter for it.

    Enjoy - carefully!


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    Very nice ,good to see no mod on I'd have stuck a set of quality open sights and some apels on too for good measure ,good hunting

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    lovely bit of wood there
    more close up pics of it please!

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    Fabulous rifle. The craftsmanship is excellent.

    By way of constructive criticism, think about a slightly smaller scope, something in the order of a 2.5-10x42 would set that rifle off to a tee. I'm picking hairs though.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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