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Thread: FC wildlife ranger trainees

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    FC wildlife ranger trainees

    Looks like a good opportunity.

    Forestry Commission
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    Looks like an amazing opportunity shame is not near me

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    i wish it was closer the last one applied for before the summer I was told i lived too far away a
    And that was near loch Lomond I live 2 house north . but I currently travel 3 hours plus to work so don't figure lol

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    I wonder how many applications they get to do the job, many on here would love to do, then the applications from those whom see it advertised in magazines/publications etc related to our hobby, also the students from the colleges that are seconded to the F.C. during their studies, plus their mates they tell and so on, many hundreds of applications are received for every vacancy. Most vacancies are of those where rangers are retiring, few new ranger posts are made nowadays, I've had a 40 year friendship with a F.C. ranger, he introduced me to stalking all those years ago, and we now stalk together still managing deer, plus I knew all the other guys he worked with, and not one left until they retired, and when they did, final selection for his job was made from a large number of people who filled the criteria, whom then went forward to the final interview, including a shooting test with gun and rifle. Only the best candidate is selected, no mates get the job as a criteria has to be followed nowadays. deerwarden

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    nice job for someone, but i couldnot live on that salary quoted

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    I know for a fact you don't need to be employed by them to be in with a chance, have known a few who have went from estate keepers jobs to jobs with the Commission.

    But what is true is that you will have a better chance if you are A young and B have either a college or university back ground, , they want people that they can mold to their way of working without the preconceived ideas that a lot of us on private estates have, can't really blame them for that, forestry job is about protecting trees ours in the private sector was providing sport, while there is a certain amount of cross over we are fundamentally at other ends of the spectrum.

    I applied for a job with the Commission some years ago, no I did not get the job but I did get an interview which went quite well until they asked me how I felt about taking orders from a head ranger who would be about twenty years younger than me, I replied that I had no problem with that, provided he knew what he was talking about,

    While my answer probably did nothing for my case , I did receive a very nice letter from them stating that while I had the most practical experience of all the applicants for the position, that they were offering the post to a candidate with a more academic background , believe the guy they did employ had a university degree in biology, which is fair enough I could not compete with that.

    Somebody mentioned they could not live on the salary, don't know if its still the same as when I applied but there used to be three grades of ranger with corresponding wage scales, and as such every bit as good as many estate stalkers and in fact many of the conditions were better, shorter hours ,better holidays, retire at sixty with decent public sector pension as opposed to sixty five on the state pension as many of us in the private sector.

    6 pointer that can't be true or I would definitely have got the job,I can strip and assemble a night force with one hand in the dark, standing on my head whistling dixie, while pealing an orange in my pocket with the other hand.
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    Hijacking posts removed.

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    Since admin removed posts my previous post no longer makes a great deal of sense.

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    Well I have tossed my hat in to that particular ring. So its now a question of waiting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buck732 View Post
    Well I have tossed my hat in to that particular ring. So its now a question of waiting.
    Good luck.


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