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Thread: Upgrade headlights / spotlights

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    Upgrade headlights / spotlights

    Hi lads,

    Just wondering if anyone can give any recommendations or advice on buying spot lamps for my car. I have a 2010 Toyota Hilux and pretty well delighted with everything except the headlights. Most of the time you can drive on full beam and no one even flashes you, even on full beam the lighting is pretty poor.

    I have tried googling (my answer to just about everything and anything) but the more I read, the more confused I become, what with LED, IED and the bewildering choice of wattages etc. Iím not even sure if I would get away with changing the bulbs for a better type.

    Just to be clear, itís driving lights I am looking for advice on, not a handheld spot lamp.

    Thanks, John

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    It doesn't help you at all, but the 2014 ones aren't much better, you'd have thought Toyota would have followed the trend for super shiny LED stuff. I'll be watching this for myself, as I'd normally just go up to Dingbro and getting higher wattage bulbs.
    Still using your thumbsticks by the way !!

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    You have got the head lamp load adjuster turned up, set to 0?

    Mine aren't too bad, but like you if there's something better please do tell?

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    Put some Osram nightbreaker bulbs in, I did that on my l200

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    Have a look at
    HIDS-Direct is an auto bulb specialist offering HID kits, Xenon HID bulbs, MTEC ... M27 6AU U.K.. VAT no: 935971288. Company registration no: 06516998.HID Kits for Cars - ‎Contact Us - ‎HID Xenon Bulbs - ‎MTEC Bulbs
    they are really bright

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    Take the vehicle to get its head light alignment checked to ensure the beams are sitting correctly, if they are fine im am sure there would be no charge (ensure before you take it in).

    I had mine adjusted on my car and it made a big difference.

    good luck

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    Hi buntinbee, I've just received some HID headlights from Australia for my defender cost about £140, that's for everything all the wiring, ballast doo dahs and lens & reflectors. Got a pair of 55w HID spots (same wattage as headlights) off eBay for £45 and a 24000 lumen 50" led light bar (illegal for road use,ahem) I have NO PROBLEM seeing down country roads, in fact people start getting up for work when I go past. The light bar is unbelievably good , fox eyes at 5/600yds and it doesn't seem to bother them or rabbits, best £325 I've spent. There are HID piggy back kits (35w) going for about £120 on the net. Hope this gives you a few ideas. Danny.

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    I have an should surf that has a HID conversion in it... Bought it like that & I'm forever getting flashed people thinking I'm full beam but I'm not , seriously bright .... Had levels checked thinking set high but no fine ....
    Wife's kia sorrento on other hand... Lights are fine but "self leveling". & on dip are too low a real bugger if on a road yer unfamiliar with ... Hardly lights up 25yds in front o the motor

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    Hid kits only work on headlights with proper projector lenses
    not sure if the hilux has these

    if it does do it!
    best thing I ever fitted to my last car

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    If you retro fit HID kits to existing headlight units you run the risk of it failing an mot. As said above HID need a projector lens and self levelling units to be strictly legal as a standard headlight unit won't focus the beam and you'll end up looking like one of those chavved up Corsa types blinding everyone else with your super blue/white light.

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