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Thread: .243 ammunition for browning A bolt

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    .243 ammunition for browning A bolt

    Looking to see if anyone has any advice on which is the best 243 deer ammunition for a browning A bolt, not looking to home load, just after advice for factory loads.



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    Before reloading I used RWS Teilmantel spitz 100gr in my 243 X-bolt, I know it's not an A-bolt but may be worth a try.

    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    243, many thanks mate, hope your having fun.

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    Try the sako gamehead 90's

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    Dom there are no shortcuts mate every rifle is different even those produced consecutively off the same production line. If you don't reload you will simply have to buy a selection of ammunition brands and test to find which works best in YOUR rifle. As regards the actual bullet type most of the manufacturers will produce a round loaded with various suitable bullets for your needs be it fox or deer etc. Both the Sako and RWS ammo previously mentioned is of top quality.

    P.S. If it is a varmint round that you are looking for have a look at the new Winchester varmint X. I tried some a couple of months back on a Browning demo day and they seems to be very accurate out of various Browning rifles, the price was very good too as they had a promotion on at the time.
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    Gents, many thanks for all the advice, off to my local dealer tomorrow and zero in the afternoon ready for my 1st stalk on Sunday morning. Here's hoping for some good luck.

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    Unless it's sub-MOA accuracy at 5 miles that you need I wouldn't worry about it too much? I'd try a few rounds at the furthest range you think you're most likely to shoot regularly at & see how consistent you are with a popular offering form the likes of Federal, for instance? You might find you get on perfectly well with a factory round straight out of the box & have no need to experiment further

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    My xbolt cloverleaves at 100mtrs with 100gr ppus.

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