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Thread: 22-250 fliers

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    22-250 fliers

    After thoughts on this scenario. Have loaded 22-250,Remington brass, 55g Nosler ballistic tip, 36g Varget, CCI LR primer. Cases were all full length resized in a lee die, trimmed to 1.905, 36g of powder was weighed and checked, bullets seated to the Max coal 2.35. First 5 shots grouped nicely inside 10p piece to the right, then moved reticle 3 clicks left to bring it central and still the same point of impact, so 2 more clicks an the next 6 shoots were high,low,left all over the shop. Initial thoughts is it's the scope but wondering if anyone else has any ideas, have checked everything is tight (Moderator,scope,action etc)

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    Scope problems is my first thought.~Muir

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    probably the nut on the end of the trigger!
    hot gun?

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    Yeah hot barrel would but did allow cooling between shots

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    Sounds like a hot barrel to me. I have a 22-250 and it unless you have bedded and floated it you cannot throw bullets out of it without cooling.

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