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Thread: 22LR Dumpy moderator

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    22LR Dumpy moderator

    Im looking for a very small dumpy 22LR moderator for a little on going project ,can't be reflex because im keeping the open sights . Whats the smallest available !

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    If you can take the rifle and its 'scope with you to Joe Beatham at Gunshop E B (East Barnet) a few mile off the A111 M25 junction. He has a box of .22 moderators of all shapes, sizes, etc., and possibly the facilities to test them I believe. Or maybe not.

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    You could just shoot subs unmoderated.

    I did this a while ago with a friend's rifle - beautiful old Anschutz with iron sights which I decided to try. Was very pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was without a mod.

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    Try a sak short , dumpy And chip as chips!

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    +1 for a SAK

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    Look at Scirroco about the same as a SAK, however they were tapered for my CZ455

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    Weihrach Sport on mine
    tapers down to the exact barrel dimension on a sporter profile, Albeit shortened
    super light weight - 115gr!
    could even shorten it if you wanted to and had ability to rethread tube on exit end

    internals can be replaced if and when they wear out (as yet I have not seen any wear or deterioration!)

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    Got a Sound Biter you can have for a tenner collected and on ticket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcog106 View Post
    +1 for a SAK
    +1. Makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbeech View Post
    Look at Scirroco about the same as a SAK, however they were tapered for my CZ455
    I've got a Scirroco and a SAK and the SAK is dumpy but I think the Scirroco is quite sleek as it is considerably thinner and longer.

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