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Thread: Whiskey & BBQ evening south Cumbria

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    Whiskey & BBQ evening south Cumbria

    Hi I'm seeing what interest there is in a whiskey and a BBQ evening in south Cumbria.
    This doesn't have to be for those who are based in this region for those who want to par-take in an evening of a BBQ, and stories etc.
    I can gain a static caravan and a venue close to mine for a good meet up and feed for approx 20 all in except whisky for approx 20 per person this wil inc food and accomm those will be sharing a static caravan. It's a six berth but I may be able to accommodate a few more etc. oonly thing excluded is whiskey and stories etc

    Any interest let me no and any questions I'll answer.
    No rifles just a good old feed and a drink sharing tales will be had.
    this may be cheaper but no dearer. Send your mrs to a health spa and have a good laugh.

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    A very nice gesture - good on you!!!

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    I,l bring some burgers
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    yes ill be up for that good idea that

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    if I can arrange a baby sitter I'd be interested

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