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Thread: Howa sporter stock

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    Howa sporter stock

    Hi i wondered if anyone has a good stock for the above? I have a houge on it but will look to change it in the future if i can get 1 at a sensible price.
    Regards dan

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    If it's a Howa 1500 then Weatherby Vanguard stocks should fit it.

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    I have a Boyds laminate on mine.Imported from the US direct.It was very good value at around 100 quid.worth a look and the action slots straight in.Swivel studs as standard.

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    Have you had it long? How do they wear? I must admit they make the rifle feel loads better than the houge.

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    Had it about four years.I few minor marks but nothing drastic,just on the underside where I've been careless where I've rested.The finish is durable.In that time it's been used out the window of a truck frequently,off the roof,General walking about etc.The forend is solid so it doesn't touch the barrel when using a bipod or whatever.

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    Sounds up for the job then. They do look and feel good.

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    ive been looking into the boyds stocks for s/a howa myself,and if its not under 99 dollars they wont ship abroad...if you find out any different let me know...

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    Hi Rangey

    Boyds will ship to the UK the standard stock in laminate is $92 and the thumbhole is $99
    I bought a thumbhole for mine from them shipped no probs. by the time you pay tax and Po charges this end its about 132 all in to your door.

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    I found the laminate options to be a bit weighty and opted for a Bell and Carlson. Have a look at Redhawk rifles, they ship them from the states very cheaply, a friend of mine has bought a couple now and they are here in about 10 days.

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    problem is im a lefty and they are priced at 102 and 109 dollars which is a bummer as there is nothing over here anywhere near those prices..

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