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Thread: energy levels in dogs.

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    energy levels in dogs.

    I feed my young lab skinners field and trial maintenance through the year,but need to give her something with more calorific value in the season.I use her once,maybe twice a week,so,would a change in diet the night before a working day be the best way to go,or change of diet completely.
    The dogs two and very enthusiastic,but I can see she's running out of steam by last drive.

    Cheers in advance.

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    Pasta with tuna flakes after elevenses.

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    Rather than a complete change of diet, why not give her one of the energy bars designed for working dogs when you stop for lunch on a shoot day

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    Personally I would not be feeding skinners maintenance full stop. I feed Arden grange or tripe and biscuit. A fit dog, fed correctly, should be able to work two days a week no problem.

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    Cheers for the replies.All taken on board.I've always been a bit reluctant to give food during the working day as others have said it can cause a twisted gut.Guess it's ok in moderation,and I can slip a bar or package of pasta in my pocket for nipps time.
    I'd never considered skinners maintenance to be poor,but I've been looking at other brands recently so change might be in order.

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    The main ingredient in the food is wheat. I have yet to see any dog, in any wildlife film, stalking a field of wheat.

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    Others from the same food range? how about crunchy or working 23

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    Royal Canin Energy 4800 although relatively expensive to buy bag wise when you break down the portion cost it is worth looking at.



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    If my dogs are going to be working a lot I give them pasta with some tomato purée (sounds daft but it stops them cramping up at the end of the day)


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    Bought a sack of duck and rice earlier on today.Lots more essentials including more oils.See how it goes.Liking the pasta snack idea.I'll try it.

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