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Thread: Redding 20 tac match die set

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    Redding 20 tac match die set

    Having a bit of a clear out of my kit at the moment.
    Have a set of Redding 20 TAC Type S - Match die set full length (36660) This is the bushing type. It comes with one Titanium nitride .227 bushing (76227).
    The Dies are basically unused (i made 6 inert rounds when they arrived from the usa but the rifle project did not get off the ground due to being made redundant, so they have sat on my shelf for a couple of years). The cases & reforming dies have already been sold.
    They are stupid money on Midway uk (326.95 + bushing!) I'm asking 150 inc RMSD

    ATB Bruce
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    try the varminting uk site.

    i think there are a few more 20 tac users on there, had i not got a full set myself i would be ripping your arm off.

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