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Thread: Finally Mounted !

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    Finally Mounted !

    After being in the house for over a year now, I finally got round to putting few things up, sometimes I am a bit sad at giving away the Leopard skin it would have looked great on the wall ,but I expect the hassle of bringing it in over here may have caused a few raised eyebrows,but it went to a very very good friend and I`m happy with that.
    Now I done the important things, I will have to get round to putting up Kims washing line sometime
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    They look fantastic! Unfortunately, with the low ceilings in my house, I'd have to cut a hole in the ceiling to fit trophies like that in


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    Very nice i have mine at home and as willie_gunn points out getting the mounts out is a nightmare i can't put the horns on my kudu properly due to it been on a pedistleand the low ceilings but it makes for a intresting spare bedroom

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    Why do you get a different chair to everyone else??????

    As if I didn't know

    green with envy, my missus don't allow it

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    Steady on John, put the washing line up

    I'm starting to worry about you mate, almost sounds like Kim might of finalaly got you trained (some chance)

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    Well done John! Nice kudu; mean looking cape buffalo....

    We've just moved house, and I finally have an for a desk is fine, but FAR MORE importantly, there's going to be room for the shoulder mount of my first red stag, my best roebuck....and also my 5 x S. Africa heads when I finally get thema ll back from the taxidermist!


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    In the pics is the big nasty looking beastie on the left the mother-in-law? If so she looks just like mine

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    They look really good, well done!
    We have some coming back this year one a Bush Pig had already been christened Carole (after my
    mother) before the hunters had got back to camp!

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    Actually, its not the cow in law, I tell some people it`s a mirror !

    Dream on Wayne, I think you know me better than that !
    Both these trophies been in boxes in sheds, in mates sheds, the Buff was on the wall at Litts for a while, brought them both home after a certain person there sold the kudu without asking me !!! but after 10 yrs they both on a wall.
    I sold loads of skins as I had them and people wanted them (I have been known to sell anything)

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