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Thread: Best Boots

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    Best Boots

    I'm looking for a new pair of boots. Was going to have Meindl Glockner but read somewhere that they are not as well suited to lowland use - that's where mostly they would be used. Others I am considering are lowa Hunter Extremes / Hanwag Trapper. Any advice appreciated. Wearing Le Chameau Mouflon at minute and been ok but leather scracthed etc and reckon this may be last season in them.


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    The British Army are now issuing Haix and Altberg boots and so you can pick these up as military surplus for around 50 which can't be a bad thing.

    Footwear - British Military Surplus

    Both Haix and Altberg are recognised as being very good indeed at making boots but they might take a little bit of breaking in, as many decent boots do.

    If you are wandering about on lowland ground you probably don't need to spend a fortune on boots so if the mil surplus ones didn't suit you then don't go mad and try to avoid boots advertised for "stalking" where they add 100 on to the price just because they know people will pay it. Some of the less expensive walking boots are also worth a look, companies like Brasher make really comfortable lightweight boots that require no breaking in all at a reasonable price.

    I have a pair of Mendil Douvre Extremes and they are OK, but are far from as good in terms of support etc. as most of the walking boots I have.

    If you don't want to go the mil surplus route then it is worth considering that many walking, and indeed stalking, boots are merely a fashion item and so you can get "last year's model" at greatly reduced prices. Sometimes you do have to pay full price to get exactly what you want, but not very often, and on many occasions the older models are better than the newer ones as they have less "features" and more money spent on making a solid, reliable boot.
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    Thanks for this. I will have a look at the the BMS option first

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    Tatra Top GTX®

    The finest boot which has ever graced my foot.
    I am currently wearing these every other day through some seriously wet ground.
    Highly recommended, and when it comes to boots I don't say that lightly.
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    I would be a little bit careful with Brashers. I used to buy little else and they were great, however in recent years the sccountants seem to have taken over and the quality of the leather seems to have gone downhill pretty steeply. My only other bit of advice is try them on before you buy. That doesn't mean you can try a pair on and then buy online as manufacturing tolerances may well conspire to stiff you.

    Best wishes,


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    +1 for Hanwag. Superbly made boot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sportingspaniels View Post
    +1 for Hanwag. Superbly made boot.
    Cheers. Been seriously looking at Hanwag. Trapper and Tatra Top but may be a bit too high for me and I can't find anywhere that tells you their height. Don't really want higher than my Le Chameau Mouflons which are 23cm / 9 inch up to the back. Alaska and Ancash are other shorter options but again don't know how much shorter and nowhere near stocks them. Reckon I've settled on Hanwag as read some bad reviews on Meindl. Other option was Lowa Hunter Extreme Evo but it's 10" apparently. Stuck if alaska and ancash are too short.

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    Have looked at Hanwag and pretty much decided on them. Only problem is which one. Looked at Tatra Top and Trapper Top but think they may be too high for me. Can't find anywhere that tells you the height. I have Le ?Chameau Mouflons and they are 23cm / 9 Inch which for me is enough. I suppose another inch would be an issue really. Other concern with the 2 I mentioned is that it's mostly lowland stuff I do. Fair enough It's wet and boggy etc but I'm rarely up on the hills and wondered if they would be too rigid in the soles. Apparently Meindl Glockners weren't recommended for lowland use. I will be using them every day though whether out training with the dogs are having a walk round with the gun for the pot!!! Alaska and Ancash are the other 2 that may suit me but depends how high they are as don't want too low. Stuck really as no stockists nearby

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    Harkilla pro hunter GTX 12" absolutely awesome. Comfy out the box, massive ankle support on the worst hills in Scotland and light enough for summer bunny stalking in Sussex, waterproof ,cold proof and feel bullet proof. Not cheap but can you put a price on warm dry comfortable feet?

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    Correction, they're 14 inch. Shop around you should find them for about 240 ish.

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