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Thread: Heck Pack Game Transporter

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    Heck Pack Game Transporter

    After all the trouble I went to of making one to try and save a few pennies, I decided to bite the bullet and buy one in the end.
    As I now, no longer have access to the larger species and can quite easily lift Roe into my Plasterers bath in the boot of my vehicle, I have no use for it.
    Therefore it is now for sale, unused, however no longer wrapped.
    Due to size and weight collection is advised.
    Price asked is 175 but if you look sad when you collect it I may take pity on you and give you a couple of bob back.
    The pictures and write up is in a previous post so if you are not aware of it's ability scroll around the site for further details.
    175 buys you a discounted new game carrier.

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    Must go so price dropped to 150.00
    Keep your boot clean and blood free use the carrier to take your carcass to the larder or dressing station.

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    Which model is it that you have and what is included?
    1. 800 x 500 x 120/210 mm
    2. 1000 x 500 x 120/210 mm
    3. 1200 x 500 x 120/210 mm


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    Sorry missed that post, will check tomorrow and post details then.
    I might even still have the box as all I have done so far is open it and see what it was like on the back of my vehicle then put it in the garage.

    Just found my jottings.
    It is 100cm long x 50cm wide x 14cm deep, I don't know what other measurements you are asking for or what else you expect to be included, that was all that came in the box.
    Price reduction to get it shifted 150 collected or collection arranged.
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    A few enquiries, either too small ! or too far to travel.
    Amesbury is only a spit off the A303 or I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance to sell as I need the space/cash

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