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    Glen Lyon

    Well after my two days at the stags with Diver Dave in Caithness, with a full account of our foray posted on this site, it was back to Donsider Towers for a week before setting off once more to Glen Lyon, my usual annual stalking foray and for a few days at the hinds. However, my week at home was not to be an idle one as Mrs Donsider had a list of jobs about the house and garden for me to complete whilst she flew off down to Kent to see an aunt for a few days. One has to keep in credit with the Brownie Points remember............ But it was not all work and no play as I found time out for a days salmon fishing on the the river Don. No, I didn't catch a fish, and although Salmon fishing this season on Scottish rivers has been dire, four salmon were caught on the beat that day and of the four salmon caught one member in our party caught all four of them. No justice............. Though I do hope he bought a lottery ticket that day.

    Anyway, all chores completed a happy return back home by Mrs. Donsider, and I was off once more to Glen Lyon. Weather prospects did not look to good given the fact that the tail end of a Hurricane was fast on our heels. But hey ho we can do nothing about the weather and my experience tells me that the windier the day puts all the deer in the best sheltered places. If we were back in Cathness no doubt we would have been blown off our feet given the flat terrain to be found there. However, here half way up Glen Lyon the wind was not all that bad and actually, for the week the weather was quite acceptable with the occasional burst of sunshine.

    I took a short excursion on our travelling day to Glen Lyon by driving up to the head of the glen and to Loch Lyon. It was there many years ago that I met up with the most colourful of stalkers, the late Bob Bisset. It was in my filming days with Grampian/STV days when I met him at his cottage with his wife and I so much wanted to revisit his cottage after buying a Ross telescope and a case made by him in an antique shop in Killen. Sadly,it did not look the same as there are trees now around it and somewhat run down. It brought back happy memories sitting in his house with clocks ticking away as we talked of stalking of times past.....................

    As in previous years, both when when I went for the stags and hinds, a close friend shares the rifle with me. Some SD members may find this a most enjoyable way of experiencing a stalking holiday as the two of you enjoy the days stalking with the exception that just one of you takes the shot on the day. It certainly halves the cost of the stalking.

    Our days stalking were successful on all the four days with four hinds and a calf in the bag and with only one late finish. Though the going was a little tough at times it was light years of a difference from stalking Strathmore in Caithness. Each day started with a climb into a selected party of deer spied from the track, but once on the high tops we were rewarded once more by spectacular views down the glen. The glen was enjoying the end of the rut and there was still plenty of rutting activity and some big grumpy old stags on the go adding to our pleasure with their mighty roaring. We saw Golden Eagles, Ravens and the odd Red Squirrel on the dyke about the lodge on our return to the larder.

    Well there we have it, a spectacular few days away but my stalking pleasure continues as I have two days pheasant shooting before I visit Glen Garry for a couple of days at the hinds in early November thanks to the SGA, which I will post a report on my return.


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    Great write up Paul.

    Really liked the pics especially the 1st one, that just captured the moment.

    I was on the Don on Saturday, saw 1 very big, slightly coloured fish and that was it.



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