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Thread: Transit Connect ?

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    Transit Connect ?

    I'm toying with buying a Ford Transit Connect.

    Can anyone comment on their reliability, fuel economy etc etc

    Mostly for carting the dogs around, going shooting and a general run about.

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    Had the 2005 model for work and was very poor on fuel. Can't remeber exact figures but stopped using it very quickly.

    Would recommend the astra van can I know slightly smaller but one I had was great never a problem and great on fuel if it wasn't for ground clearance on the forrest roads that were heavily used by wood lorries I wouldn't have sold mines.

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    I drove a 2003 connect for around five years it was very reliable and I found it very easy on fuel, it was a tdci 90 ps for a general runaround for what you mention it will be ideal.

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    I'll be interested to see people's opinions on this as I'm thinkng the exact same as you cadex ! I'm sick of not having enough boot space in a car but don't really need a 4x4 so I'm thinking connect as well ...
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    I Had a 2006 connect low miles 20 000 payed 1600 ex British gas van USED it for about 4 years IT never missed a single beat sailed through four MOTs part exchanged 55000 miles 2 years a go for a vw caddy and got 2000 BACK which payed the VAT on the one year old caddy
    so for '' me'' a really good van 1600 engine about 40 MILES to the gallon

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    I think the downside to vans is they need to "earn a living" so they often get thrashed.
    Best to budget for a new turbo I'm afraid.
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    We used them at work (BT) but they soon got rid due to reliability issues.
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    What about a Peugot Partner? Mate has one and swears by it. 5 doors as well.

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    father in law had 1 ,i had the joy of repairing it several any ford theres good good uns n friday afternoons bodge.if u get a star youl love it .if u get a 10 previous owners get your wallet out

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    Have sent you a PM.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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