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Thread: 50cc Quad Bike for my kids.

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    50cc Quad Bike for my kids.

    Hi all,

    as as per title- I'm after a kids quad bike around the 50cc size.

    Anybody got one they wish to sell?



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    I spent a while looking for one a few years ago, in the end I bought a new Polaris Outlaw, have had it 4 years and it's been brilliant, theres a lot of Chinese ones out there that are cheap and cheerful and to be honest I was concerned about the quality and hence the safety. I'd recommend the Polaris, a mate of mine, who unsuccessfully failed to buy mine as the younger boy had grown in to it has just bought a new one as he simply couldn't find a second hand one. It was sub 2k with the VAT, and its just as bombproof as mine. The last 2 weekends the boys have been riding them around a mates farm who has built an off-road course at the back of some buildings, I am now in the unenviable position of needing the next size up as my elder soon now looks like a wasp on a lollipop!

    Depending on the size of the children it may be worth looking at a slightly bigger one, but they can be dangerous so too much power and a young could end up in tears!


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    for a new Polaris outlaw you will be about 1899. does not take long to get a hold of them.

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