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Thread: Hanging shot game birds.

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    Hanging shot game birds.

    Why hang gamebirds but not waterfowl and i fail to see the advantage?

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    waterfowl has a lot of down feathers which keep the heat in, if not gutted it goes off real quick

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Why hang gamebirds but not waterfowl and i fail to see the advantage?
    Why hang them it's much more humane to shoot them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Why hang gamebirds but not waterfowl and i fail to see the advantage?
    R D
    This is what I was told over 50 years ago and rightly or wrongly I still hold by it to this day

    Simply, a game bird has a crop, so can be hung for whatever length of time takes your fancy, without any real nasty stuff decaying into the carcass, but waterfowl have a stomach and a gaul bladder, when Ducks and Geese are shot these organs start to break down immediately ( quicker than the rest ?????? ) and can taint the meat considerably

    I haven't got a clue if the above is at all relevant or correct but, being brain washed at a young age this has always been my understanding
    I draw wildfowl and game as soon as I get home then hang in chiller for 2-3 days, I don`t like the thought of eating meat that is tainted by rotting guts

    Ready and willing to be enlightened


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    My brace got binned at six days as they were putrid. It's still over 15 degrees and i think they should maybe be eaten or frozen once cold?

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    It's still pretty warm for the time of year. I wouldn't hang game birds at all this weather (except perhaps over night if I've got in after a days shooting, peeled the wet clobber off, have to clean the gun, sort the dog out and I'm generally knackered). I wouldn't hang wildfowl at all. I'm not sure the benefits of hanging them are worth it really anyway.

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    While ducks and geese don't have a true crop like pheasants they are capable of storing food in their oesophagus in a similar fashion. Other than that they have a gizzard and proventriculus the same as any other bird so I cant see that their method of digestion differs enough for it to be a reason for them to spoil faster than pheasants.

    The time of year and what they are feeding on will effect how long waterfowl will go green, I tend to find if the widgeon have been on eel grass they go green much faster.

    I assume that in general because of their thick feathers they take much longer to cool therefore decomposition is much faster from the very start, I have had canada geese go green early season before I have even got home.

    Like Pedro I don't hang waterfowl at all, the longest I'd leave them is overnight, I may, if its warm outside pluck the breast off on the foreshore to allow them to cool quicker.

    As for game birds I always pluck them while they are still warm, makes it less likely to tear the skin, as for hanging them I tend to only give them a day or two before they get sorted and then go in the freezer.

    My grandfather reckoned they aren't ready until you can poke your finger through them into the guts. That's a little rich for me.

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    I've not really seen a difference between hanging game and wildfowl to be honest. Try and do them at earliest possible convenience but if the weather is cold enough I have often left ducks for a week with no ill effects. Didn't even have a smell. Just common sense and checking the weather isn't going to turn them should keep you right.

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    Grandad used to hang Pheasants by the tail feathers till it dropped

    His friend used to hang by the neck till it dropped

    I suspect there arnt many today like meat that gamey

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