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Thread: Reasonably priced .243

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    Reasonably priced .243

    I have a mate who is after a reasonably priced .243 right handed rifle & sound mod, something like an Howa/ remmy or maybe a cz would do him. Is budget is about 600 ish. He is based near Nuneaton so may have to consider rfd to rfd if needed!

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    Hello sir We have 1 only howa left in 243. brand new in hard case, with rail at 460.00 . Sound mods we have plenty of , it merely depends on what the gentleman wishes. if you bare interested call on 01948 841021 Tuesday to Saturday. Respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris

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    I have a remington 700 bel I think scope and moderator. It's not a over the barrel moderator rifle is in good condition shoots well I can send pics if you send me an email adress not sure how much to let it go for I don't use her much any more.

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    i have a savage synthetic just in complete package scope.mod,

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    As soon as my ticket comes back from renewal I will be selling my Tikka 595 243 stainless synthetic with moderator in excellent condition, bolt fluted and trigger sorted by Steve Kershaw, PM me if you are interested. R
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    I just got a howa from brock and norris. Nice bit if kit for the money! He also tweeks them a bit!!

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    Thank you for all the replies and pm' guys but the awkward git has sorted himself an howa today!
    thanks again bullet

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