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Thread: Redding body die not enough!

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    Redding body die not enough!

    Hi, I have just started loading some 6.5-284 for my Blaser,
    Having only used factory norma in the barrel I bought second hand I decided to load some lapua cases.
    While making a dummy round to find a oal I found it was tight to shut the bolt on a once fired and neck sized only case so I ran a couple through the body die...................still hard to shut the bolt...............might even be worse!
    After making a gauge to fit over the neck that indexed on the shoulder I found the only difference in the cases were length at the shoulder.
    None of my lathe tools would touch the hardened body die so to try my suspicions I ground some metal off the shell holder with the belt sander putting the base of the case closer to the die!
    This made the body die just bump the shoulder........perfect.
    Anyone know if this is a common problem?
    I will get someone to grind the required amount off the body die when I get a chance.

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    Good morning sir, do not grind anything off the die!!, make any adjustments by taking a skim off the face of the shell holder in the lathe. we normally take 0.010 thou off our shell holders in the workshop which gives us ample adjustment for even the tightest head-spaced chamber. If you trim the die you may not get a complete sizing of the case and indeed what amounts to a false belt on the case where it has not been sized fully,.. Bearing in mind that 0.001 thou is enough to cause a case to jam in the chamber.
    Also I would NEVER advocate neck sizing cases for Blaser rifles. The straight pull system lacks the primary extraction of a turn bolt and stuck cases may result. Full length size... Correctly. ie move the shoulder back 0.0015 to 0.002 thou from its fired dimension and you will never have any issues with stuck cases or poor extraction.
    Many times issues can be caused by a mismatch in dies and shell holders , Redding dies with RCBS or lee shell holders or indeed and mixed combination can cause problems. Shell holders are not made to a universal standard and do vary from maker to maker. However taking the skim cut off the shell holder takes care of ant discrepancies . your respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    Thanks Mike, I must check the shell holder, I will order a Redding shell holder that might be all that is required.
    The shell holder I have is a RCBS so this might be the cause.

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    I had a similar problem with a bullet seating die not seating very shallow secant ogive VLD bullets deep enough due to the profile of the seating pin

    I did chose to alter the die as altering the shell holder alters ALL the dies by default.
    You shouldn't be missing any of the case being resized unless you are taking a huge chunk off the end!

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    I had a quick look for shell holders, didn't realise Redding made them in differing thicknesses!
    Thanks for the help.
    May still machine some off the body die though!

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